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When did life get so hectic? 

A dreamer with a-mile-long to do list. Between mainlining espresso, and putting in 16-hour days, you’re exhausted, stressed and running on empty … but, you also love your life. 


You're focused on your goals, but you can't build an empire or change the world with your BIG MAGIC if you don’t take care of yourself.

The good news? Visiting Italy is a lot more delicious than therapy. 

It’s my joy to open my kitchen, and provide a place of peace and relaxation for busy dreamers like you to experience the real Tuscany—and learn to cook the Italian way. 

It’s time to say yes to YOU… Cancel your calls and put away your to-do-list. Slow down and savor the sounds, smells, tastes, and flavors of Italy.

Book some downtime to recharge! Unplug from the mayhem, and come back energized and inspired... Cause you’re worth it!

From The Kitchen of 
Food Network Chef
Melissa Mayo

X0x0. Melissa

When I’m not in Italy (or sometimes even when I am) you can find me around … 

Ready to channel Sophia Loren in your own kitchen? Get started with an easy-to-follow (and fun) virtual cooking class with me. Learn to make healthy, delicous meals your body will love! 

Welcome to my kitchen

You’re part of my family now, so grab an apron and let’s cook!

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Is Italy on your bucket list? Join me in my kitchen for an intimate, in-person workshop that will teach you the secrets of La Dolce Vita … and provide some much needed rest & relaxation!

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the reviews are in:

“I can’t stop talking about Melissa. She totally crushed my fear of cooking and I’ve been making pasta round the clock. Her energy, passion, and enthusiasm are contagious. She's a dynamo and a very special lady! ” 


“Melissa is one of those old souls who's reach spans the dirt under your feet to the moon above your head. She is my spirit guide whether she knows it or not.” 

- Brian

“Melissa is inspiring, fun, and relatable. Positive and upbeat, she encourages falling in love with yourself, your cooking, and your food. I learned so much about healthy Italian dishes!”


“Her enthusiasm combined with positive & spiritual energy, unfiltered openness and an empathetic soul make for the best cheerleader one can have by their side! I feel like I can tell her all my secrets.” 


A foolproof blueprint to manifest a life beyond your wildest fantasies. Grab your copy and enter to win a trip to Italy!                  

A foolproof blueprint to manifest a life beyond your wildest fantasies. Grab your copy!   

Miracles Manifested

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Be Realistic ... Expect Miracles


Healthy Living is Beautiful Reset 

Get ready to transform your body and mind. Together we’re going to change the way you think about food, exercise, miracles and meditation.

No more depriving, only thriving. Today is the day you decide to take control of your health and dreams. And I’ll be there to support you.

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I’m dishing about all things BEAUTIFUL & DELICIOUS... Food, wine, people, places, fashion, art, culture, history—and more.

The Melissima Podcast

Bellissima (Italian, adj.): to be more than pretty, a state so breathtakingly spectacular, the attracted party gets weak in the knees. 

ON the mic

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(Okay, so this is *my* definition.)







Healthy living is beautiful … That’s why it’s calledLa Dolce Vita”.


I’m sharing my best recipes, travel guides, and Italian secrets for longevity & aging gracefully. Discover my tips and tricks to become a Rockstar chef, my current obsessions, and tools to embrace joy, find your purpose, and live deliciously!!


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