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Wanna know the tried and tested go-tos a globetrotter and chef can’t live without? Here’s my must-have gizmos, gadgets, and essentials—all my favorite things I swear by. Plus, what I’m reading, wearing, and packing for my next trip.

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This FREE training has all my secrets to nail the basics + become a PRO in your kitchen. It's a game-changer. 

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I'm not a huge shopper, but when I find brands or products I adore, I'm a loyal customer for life. You'll fall head-over-heels-in-love with all my must-have-faves. So bookmark this page... You're welcome gorgeous!!!

Fabulous flavor starts with simple quality ingredients and a few basic staples.

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My kitchen essentials

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Whimsical, uniquely quirky, functional-art pieces to add a little magic and joy to your home and table. The line is created by my favorite South African artist and inspired by the human form and the beauty of nature.

The Carrol Boyes Collection

"Never be ordinary - be extraordinary and throw in a bit of naughtiness. Keep laughing and never lose your sense of humor.” - Carrol Boyes

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juice plus

Vitamins made with cold-pressed fruits + veggies that bridge the gap between what you should eat, and what you do eat! Founded 50 years ago (way before juicing was a thing), they're the only supplement my family takes every single day.

Personal Faves

I get approached all the time to promote stuff. But nothing is more important to me than your trust. So I reached out to companies who sell products I can't live without. Brands I've tested and used for decades. And I'm sharing them with you.

finis swim

It's no secret I'm a wanna-be mermaid. For years I've hit the water with my Finis goggles + Duo audio player to manifest miracles. Download books, podcasts +  music onto their waterproof devices. Get 20% off with the code "MIRACLES".

italian with davide

I tried Duolingo, Rosetta Stone, and one-on-one classes to master Italian. Nothing worked. Then I found this course. 125 videos, 900 exercises, 80 pdfs, an online community, and chat support. I swear by it.

the spice house

Spices are calorie-free weapons. They give your food a passport to travel around the world without leaving your kitchen. This is my one-stop shop for the freshest quality spices + blends.

gusto grocery

When I'm not in Italy I grab my 100% Italian favess here. They have the best selection of olive oils, balsamic vinegar, flour, tomatoes, antipasti + meats delivered to your door. Get 5% off with the code "MELISSIMA".

eleven twelve

Stock up on epic Italian wines. Barolo, Barbaresco, Rosato, Dogliani, Barbera, + Langhe Nebbiolo. Try their artisanal pasta, mouthwatering sauces + gourmet preserves. Get 20% off your order with the code "MELISSIMA".

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organic to green

A celeb favorite - This award-winning beauty line is made with organic, high quality, clean + simple ingredients. They're good for the environment and they work! Get 10% off with the code "MELISSIMA".

tizo skin

 I struggle with melasma so I was stoked to discovered Tizo. A mineral skincare line that protects, treats AND conceals dark spots. Their zinc SPF is waterproof for hours.  I've used daily for 18 years. Use this link to save 10%.

light + keys

Reiki and crystal-infused candles to manifest miracles. I use them when I meditate to set intentions, channel transformational energy, attract abundance. Get 10% off with the code "MELISSAMIRACLES".

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food, Wellness & BEYOND

My Fave Cookbooks

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Amazing deals on car rentals and the best part is insurance is included so you don't get scammed with upsells at the counter. Save 30% on worldwide car rentals.


Tired of paying hundreds of dollars each month to your email service provider? Flodesk charges a fix price no matter the size of your list and have the prettiest email templates.


Blue light from screens can play havoc with your health and sleep. Slap on a pair of these glasses + throw their screen protectors on your devices + you're golden!


We travel a lot and always use Expedia for epic deals on accommodation, flights + car rental. They offer a best price guarantee and no change or cancel fees so you can book worry-free.


My favorite app of all time. A full-time graphic designer at a fraction of the price. There's a gorgeous template for everything. And it's simple enough for a kid to use.


Your favorite organic, non-toxic grocery store products delivered right to your door for way less money. Start saving now. Get a free gift and 25% off your first order.

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I take thousands of photos that use up a ton of hard drive space. I love knowing they're safely backed up in Adobe's Cloud. And I can edit them on my PC or phone with Lightroom.


Meal delivery simplified. Save time with delicious fresh meals made with high-quality ingredients delivered right to your door every week. Save $100 on your first 5 boxes! 

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My favorite go-to-line of cookware. I'm obsessed with their cast iron dutch ovens, skillets and saute pans. And I use their ceramic baking dishes and roasters every single day. 

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Great  quality sharp knives are the most important tool in any kitchen. They last for years and make easy work of chopping and prepping. I've loved and trusted this brand for decades.

TOOLS of the Trade

Highly Recommended

Hands down the prettiest, do-it-yourself, easy-to-use, customizable, website templates on the internet. They look super expensive, but I promise they won't break the bank. 

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