Join me from your own kitchen to learn La Dolce Vita

Until we can be in Italy together

Join me from your own kitchen to learn La Dolce Vita.

Instead of spending your evening eating takeout and attempting to decompress from your day by making a to-do list for tomorrow …

Tie on an apron, and spend a couple hours with me making a mouthwatering meal, sipping a delightful glass of your favorite wine, and de-stressing the Italian way…

If there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s that DELICIOUS food brings people together. 

Italians understand that true happiness is found around the table … It’s a place you don’t age.

The sweet life is made up of long, lazy meals and great conversation—finding joy, slowing down and savoring every mouthful and moment.

Let’s have fun—in our own kitchens—cooking and learning together … 

I can’t imagine anything more Italian.

- Shannon

"Melissa taught me how to prepare stress-free meals for my family. Gorgeous, succulent, flavorful, healthy dishes that were instantly devoured. She shares tips to better organize your kitchen and time so you can always have healthy options at a moment's notice." 

- Polly

"Melissa has inspired me to embrace healthy cooking without sacrificing flavors. She's full of positive energy. Her classes actually teach you how to cook. The recipes are versatile and embrace seasonal foods - no hunting for a random ingredient."

- Eva

"I used to be frustrated and afraid about using more than 4-5 ingredients, but Melissa makes my table look inspiring. It feels great when my guests tell me everything looks beautiful and the recipes taste amazing and they can't believe how healthy they are."

There's no substitute for a good session of DOUGH THERAPY!

That’s why nonnas across Italy make dough by hand every day… 
And they can still climb flights of stairs well into their 90's!

Let me be your “dough therapist”—making pasta & finding peace at the same time. 

I’ll teach you to slow down and feel… 

Touch, taste, smell, listen, and experience all your 5 senses coming to life!

Dough Therapy

Life's a combination of magic and pasta.

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Healthy living is beautiful … That’s why it’s calledLa Dolce Vita”.


I’m sharing my best recipes, travel guides, and Italian secrets for longevity & aging gracefully. Discover my tips and tricks to become a Rockstar chef, my current obsessions, and tools to embrace joy, find your purpose, and live deliciously!!


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