Healthy Living is Beautiful Reset 

Get ready to transform your body and mind. Together we’re going to change the way you think about food, exercise, miracles and meditation.

No more depriving, only thriving. Today is the day you decide to take control of your health and dreams. And I’ll be there to support you.

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28 Days of Meals, Movement, Meditation & Miracles

This is the first program of its kind that ...

Turns you into an intuitive chef so you can cook without a recipe 

Helps you shed pounds and tone up without giving up the things you love

Shares a foolproof blueprint to manifest miracles + your dream life

Focuses on self-love + habits to boost longevity so you age gracefully

Bans scales and calorie counting + uses energy and mood to track progress

The truth is you can't build an empire or change the world with your big dreams ...

if you don’t take care of your health.

The good news is this RESET  is delicious, fun, easy to follow, AND it works!!

Did you know ?

The global diet and weight loss market is a $179 billion industry. But research shows 97% of diets and exercise programs fail in the long term. People end up putting on the weight they lost and then some.

What they say:

“I've lost 20lbs and I'm not anxious or stressed about food.”

Before this challenge my relationship with food was toxic. I'd compulsively eat and nosh all day. This binging triggered feelings of shame & guilt. Melissa made me confront the internal trauma I'd been avoiding with mindset + journaling exercises. When I dropped the emotional baggage the weight fell off. I still enjoy cookies + don't punish myself. But I sit down for all meals.

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What they say:

“Melissa you gave me the tools to believe anything is possible.”

I came into this challenge thinking I just needed to change my eating habits and get back in a routine. But I got so much more. Melissa helped me find and follow my passion. I'm part of an incredible community from all over the world. Strangers that inspire, support and motivate one another. Thank you for being an important part of my story. I will forever be grateful.

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- Trish

What they say:

“I lost 15lbs and quit my addiction to sugar + alcohol.”

The health benefits of the Reset have impacted my family of five. We’re cooking together and there are no more toxic condiments in my home. The game changer though, Manifesting Miracles. You’ll learn how truly abundant you are. I found my way back to my authentic self. I know the life I’ve always dreamed of is waiting for me. Melissa is a magical miracle, a cooking therapist and goddess guru!

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- Jess

What they say:

“Food prep is so much easier and my fridge is full of healthy options"

I learned how to shop and prep on one day for the entire week- this has made school lunches and mealtime super simple; I'm enjoying my workouts and even meditating. I feel lighter and my jeans are way looser!! Yay!! I’ve also gained hope that miracles can be manifested. And I’m actually drinking the water I carry around with me! I've started tasting the sweetness in fruits and vegetables whilst consuming less sugar.

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- Carrey

What they say:

“I'm no longer afraid of food + I've fallen in love with myself again.”

I used to have a very restrictive diet. I believed fruit and nuts would make me fat. Melissa has shown me how to bring back the variety in my cooking and add a sprinkle of fairy dust and rainbows to my salads and veggies. She has also shown me that it’s important to leave room for joy. Treats are essential for a happy, healthy life. I learned slowing down and taking care of myself is not selfish. It's the secret to wellness.

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- Stacy

What they say:

I've lost 7lbs and I feel  fabulous".

I'm empowered and feel in control with food choices. I'm eating what I love and I'm satisfied and I'm no longer bingeing because I'm deprived. I'm satiated for much longer. I love the tasty meals and I have a whole new relationship with spices. I'm also organized with meal planning. I've increased exercising and I'm taking time to look at the beauty around me.

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- Janine

What they say:

“A kick start to fuel my passion. It's awakened a desire for more.”

I started this reset challenge in a dark place. My life felt really busy. I have some guilt around not doing it all 100% perfectly. It's an ongoing challenge. Melissa reignited my fire! Both at the grill, and in life. This journey has given me energy and a knowing I can do this!I She's is inspiring, vulnerable, authentic + full of energy and creativity!!! Melissa shines her unique light in this world. We're all brighter as a result. 

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- Hayley

What they say:

"I'm getting so many compliments and I feel amazing".

My friends and family can notice the difference. My husband said "At Christmas you looked 7 months pregnant. Now you look like your 3 months along" Hahahaha! He is correct! Next month I'll look 4 weeks pregnant. I've also come out of my shell more; I feel happier when I wake up and more at peace when I go to sleep.

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- Dee

When I’m not in Italy (or sometimes even when I am) you can find me around … 




Embrace your perfect life, become an intuitive chef, manifest your wildest desires, tone up, and feel sexy in your own skin without giving up things that bring you joy.

Let's break it down!

The 8 Pillars for Success

MAPPING - You can’t get where you’re going till you take stock of where you’re at. You also need to set goals and visualize your dream reality. Your MAPBOOK will guide you on this journey and help you fine tune what works.

MINDSET - Your words and thoughts have a powerful effect on your body’s chemistry. Studies show your mind alters your DNA. Practice self love and harness the power of your mind to create radical changes. Reset your mental and emotional health.

MEALS - Your body needs certain foods to function at its best. Eating well will eliminate waste and toxins. The reset includes live cooking classes to turn you into a pro. It also includes shopping lists, meal plans, and quick, easy, delicious recipes. 

MOVEMENT - The workouts include specific movements to tone muscles, strengthen your core, increase flexibility, and get incredible results. They vary in length and include beginner, intermediate, and advanced sessions.

MEDITATION - This is the key that unlocks all doors. It’s life-changing. Feel happier, reduce stress, be present “in the moment,” and find the courage you need to pursue your passions and follow your heart.

MEANING -  Research shows that when your relationships and work serve a greater good, you attain a sense of inner peace and bliss. Your goal is to identify what matters to you and make this a part of your new story.

MIRACLES -  Learn how Melissa manifested a home in Italy. She shares the audiobook of “Miracles Manifested." It’s a foolproof blueprint you can follow to create your own big magic and attract abundance.

MAINTENANCE -   Once you’ve achieved results, the goal is to stabilize your system. Learn how to use feedback from your body to make minor tweaks and create a manageable plan you can stick to for life.


 A jumpstart that reboots your whole system and heals your mind, body + soul.

STEP 1 | Sign up for the program

STEP 2 | Commit to putting your health and wellness first

STEP 3 | Show up every day to get results

Sign up for the program

Commit to putting your health and wellness first

Show up every day to get results

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What you get!


4 LIVE (2 hr) Cooking Classes with Melissa to teach you the basics & turn you into a Pro (value $1582)

Workout library with 100's of daily yoga, stretch, toning & core workouts (value $546)

Plant-based meal plan & vegan cooking class with Bravo Top Chef Zuliya Khawaja (value $497)

Melissa’s signature meal plan & hundreds of healthy recipes (value $364)

Shopping, Pantry, Kitchen and Prep Day Master Lists (value $163)

Lifechanging morning & evening meditations to manifest miracles (value -PRICELESS)

4 LIVE sessions with Melissa & direct access to her during the entire reset (value $1229)

The complete Reset Challenge pdf with over 300 pages of tips + advice (value $256)

Lifetime Access to our Exclusive Private
Facebook community (value - PRICELESS)

3 LIVES with fitness experts Maeve McCaffrey, Karen Voight & Sonje Mayo (value $679)

LIVE with branding expert Hilary Hartling to clarify your voice + purpose (value $362)

Menopuause Bootcamp with Celebrity Gynae Dr Suzanne Gilberg Lenz (value $425)

LIVE with Dr. Michelle Braude to address any medical nutritional concerns  (value - $425)

An accountability buddy for the entire challenge (value - PRICELESS)

Total value:$6528

 But for you, a one-time payment of $487

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And did someone say


The audiobook of Miracles Manifested, a roadmap to manifesting (value - PRICELESS)

A chance to win a one week trip to Italy valued at $7000 (value - PRICELESS)

Lifetime access to the Facebook community + the program and a free spot in all future challenges (value - PRICELESS)







Ciao Bella! 

Meet your host...

I'm Melissa Mayo, an author, eternal optimist, “dough therapist” (yep, it’s a thing), and  founder of Susina Cucina, my gorgeous, Italian cooking school.

I’ve spent the last 15 years building a career centered on delicious food and healthy living. I believe you can cook your way to your dream body so it becomes a vessel for your healthiest self & happiest life. 

You may know me from Food Network where I shared my talents as a chef with millions of viewers—but I also spent years cooking for the biggest Hollywood studio heads, A-list celebrities, Billionaires, and Oscar winners.

But I’m no stranger to fad diets. In my teens and 20’s, I tried them all. The number on the scale defined my self-worth. And the harder I tried, the more my body rebelled.

When I moved to Los Angeles I missed my mom’s cooking. So I began recreating her dishes in my kitchen. And all the weight I’d been holding onto just fell off without any effort, crazy diets or restrictions. Just good home cooking.

And at 48, I’ve managed to keep it off. I created this program to share all my secrets with you. Longevity and a fulfilled, joyful life is the end goal. To have the strength and energy at 70 or 80, to chase after our grandkids.

Like my Italian friends, I believe food should be savored and enjoyed. Mealtime should excite you instead of beings something you dread or fear.



The love or “amore” you put into each dish is the magic that creates a happy healthy life.



The love or “amore” you put into each dish is the magic that creates a happy healthy life.

Welcome to my kitchen

My front door is always open, and my home is full of friends and good food.

You’re part of my family now, so grab an apron and let’s cook!


Maeve McCaffrey

I’m so happy to be a part of your wellness journey! For 28 years, I've taught people of all ages and fitness levels. Since the start, one thing has become evident: everyone can benefit from movement and mindfulness. I'm here to help you on that path! 

I'll provide you with breathing and posture work. There will also be strength, core, and cardio workouts and yoga classes for all levels in a safe and supportive environment. Movement is healing and your body was made to move. 

During my late teens and early twenties, I struggled with an eating disorder. I credit mindfulness and self-love for helping me build a healthy relationship with exercise and food.

I have a beautiful toddler and two silly cats. I love dancing, singing, cooking, eating, Scrabble, word games, and writing. I believe our purpose on earth is to be happy and facilitate the happiness of others. I hope to be a part of your joy!

Zuliya Khawaja

I’m Zuliya, the founder of Naturally Zuzu, a healthy lifestyle blog I created in 2017. I’m also a mom, plant-based health coach, chef, recipe developer, and food stylist.

I gained my plant-based nutrition degree from eCornell Nutrition Studies in 2019, and, since then, my work has been published in  Mantra Yoga, Women's Health Magazine, PopSugar, Feedfeed, Best of Vegan, and I was the first vegan Chef to win  Bravo's Top Chef title .

At the age of 39, I quit my six-figure corporate job. I started a blog to share my weight loss journey after my dramatic transition from a heavy omnivore diet to a plant-based lifestyle, where I lost over 30 lbs.

At 44, I still embrace a plant-based lifestyle. I teach cooking classes and one-on-one coaching sessions through Zoom to small groups, and I share my original plant-based recipes to inspire my audience to live an active, healthy, and happy life.

Karen Voight

Hi. I'm Karen, an internationally renowned fitness expert and Los Angeles Times Health columnist. I've spent decades setting fitness industry standards for people of all ages and fitness levels.

I've also trained top Hollywood celebrities Tina Turner & Bette Midler, co-starred in a workout DVD with Elle Macpherson, and consulted with Paula Abdul on her Workout tape. I've been named "IDEA Fitness Instructor of the Year" and dubbed "One of the Ten Most Outstanding Working Women in America" by Glamour and "A Powerhouse in the Fitness Industry" by Shape.

I blend years of ballet training and exercise instruction with cutting edge technology. My workouts combine strength, cardiovascular training, yoga and pilates in a motivating and effective manner.

I'm focused on maintaining a practical approach to fitness that promotes a realistic body image. My workouts are biomechanically correct but will allow you to feel a sense of accomplishment from every training session.  

Hilary Hartling

Drawing from my 15+ years experience as VP of Integrated Marketing & Synergy for global film brands: Disney, Pixar & Marvel, Touchstone and Dreamworks, I'm passionate about helping entrepreneurs create captivating brands that resonate.

I helped launch and grow billion dollar franchises for The Walt Disney Co (Toy Story, Cars, Pirates of the Caribbean, Frozen), and had 70 #1 opening weekend box office wins. I've also been a featured expert, speaker and consultant for American Film Institute, HGTV, Allbright, Goldman Sachs and WICT (Women In Cable Television).

Influenced by the creative genuius I witnessed at Disney, I'm passionate about helping entrepreneurs create brands that immerses their audience in the story & value of what they offer, so they can win the hearts and business of their ideal clients.

Dr. Michelle Braude

I'm Dr Michelle, a qualified medical doctor (MBBS) from University College London (UCL). I completed a Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree in Nutrition at King’s College London. 

Soon after graduating I decided to set up my nutrition practice, The Food Effect, in 2012, which soon became hugely popular thanks to the results and word of mouth from many happy clients.

I combine my knowledge in the fields of medicine and nutrition, as well as my passion for cooking and all things food realted, to help clients with medical conditions including diabetes, high blood pressure and PCOS, as well as those looking to lose weight, improve their diet, and optimise their overall health and well-being. 

I've been featured in The Times, Daily Mail, Telegraph, Hello! Magazine, Women’s Health, Marie Claire, Healthy Diet & Byrdie Beauty.  I'm the author of 2 bestselling books "The Food Effect Diet" and "The Food Effect Vegan" and a mom to a two year old.

Sonje Mayo

After certifying as a physical therapist at the University of Cape Town, my career as a professional dancer took me to London and the USA. I studied jazz with Luigi and contemporary dance at Martha Graham's School in NYC where I met Joseph Pilates. The sessions with him & Romana Kryzanowska had a profound influence on my life. 

During the ’60s and ’70s, I danced with the Alvin Ailey Dance Company. I returned to South Africa & formed the first multi-racial modern dance company JAZZART. I've won many awards including the Vita, the Swiss "Prix de Lausanne", the Isola de Capri in Italy, and the Concours de Dance in Paris.

16 years ago, I opened my Pilates studio in Nashville. I specialize in rehabilitating injured athletes and treating Scoliosis. I'm a Master Teacher Trainer for & teach international workshops around the world. At 76, I credit Pilates for helping me maintain a strong core and spine, which has helped me stay toned and flexible and age with grace.

Dr. Suzanne Gilberg -Lenz

I'm Dr. Suzanne, an expert, speaker, and advocate for integrative women’s health. And I am on a mission. I’m exploring what it means to be a healthy woman in this culture and age and how we can support our growth as individuals and show up in our communities.

I’m a hard-core science nerd with a deep respect for the holistic approach to health and life. Believe it or not, there is a science to self-care! After earning my medical degree at Southern California School of Medicine and completing my residency at Cedar Sinai, I wanted to expand my knowledge beyond conventional medicine.

In 2010 I graduated as a Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist, which has  expanded and informed my practice of medicine and allowed me to integrate this ancient healing tradition into my work.

Our society is obsessed with “looking” younger- but we forget the value of growing confidently into the wise woman phase. I de-stigmatize aging so you can live FEARLESSLY! My Menopause Bootcamp empowers women through education, so you can understand, prepare for AND feel fabulous through Menopause and Perimenopause.

A quick recap!

 what you'll get:

12 hours of LIVES with Melissa and direct access to her the entire challenge

7 LIVES with top wellness, fitness, business and medical experts in the industry

Signature meals plans, hundreds of healthy recipes and shopping, kitchen, pantry and prep masterlists

Lifetime access to the content, LIVES and classes so you can work at your own pace

The complete Reset Challenge pdf with a foolproof gameplan Melissa swears by

Lifetime Access to our Exclusive Private Faceook community & a FREE spot in all future challenges

An accountability buddy for the entire challenge and ongoing support from your Reset tribe

A fitness library of workouts with Melissa's favorite trainers to stream on demand

Total value:$6528

 But for you, a one-time payment of $487

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The only Non- Diet diet is a lifestyle… The goal is to moderate not eliminate

This is not a magic pill or quick fix...To be successful, you need to be BODY SMART.

The reset is meant to heal the whole of you. My goal is to heal your relationship with food, your body, and your mind. 

Once you make peace with yourself and tune in to how your body is feeling, you’ll learn what works for you. This is the only way to get real, long-lasting results. 

I’m so confident this program works I’m offering a 


Frequently Asked Questions

Where Do I Start?

Start by checking out the WHERE TO START GUIDELINES. Then print out a blank workout plan and put in the workouts you are committing to. Also, check out the guidelines for creating a BALANCED PLATE. Using the blank meal plan, put together a list of meals for the week.

Where are The Workouts?

The library of workouts can be found inside the reset pdf. You can pick the workouts you want and do them in your own time. There will also be live workouts with all the fitness experts so you can ask questions. The information for this will be posted in the Facebook group.

Can I Join The Challenge Again?

You are part of our tribe forever. Any time we run the challenge again you will be able to join in without having to pay anything. You will also have lifetime access to the Facebook community and all the course materials and workbooks.

Where Will The Lives Take Place?

All live cooking classes and Q & A sessions will take place on ZOOM. The links for these classes will be posted in the Facebook group. If you miss the lives, you can watch the replay in the Facebook group. 

When Can I Expect To See Results?

You should see changes in your energy and mood immediately. Weight loss results will vary depending on your starting point and your age, but you will feel happier, lighter and sleep better too.

Money Back Guarantee?

We offer a 5-day refund period. In the event that you decide your purchase was not the right decision for you, within 5 days of enrollment, contact our team at and let us know you'd like a refund.

Savor every moment. Make life delicious!!!

It’s time to crack open the bubbly … It’s time to celebrate YOU!

doors for this reset challenge only open once a year

GO, GO, GO !!!

Are you ready for this adventure?

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