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I’ve eaten my weight in pasta, pizza, bistecca, and gelato many times over. And after all the indulging I’ve arrived at a list of my favorite places to eat and drink in Lucca. Places you can’t miss if you visit. And now I am sharing it with you. You’re so welcome.

Gatta Ci Cova

 Via Nicola Barbantini 338 zona stadio Porta Elisa, 55100, Lucca Italy

This is the brainchild of 2 very talented young chefs. The menu is fun and whimsical but every dish is perfection. Dishes change weekly based on seasonal produce. They have a huge wine list. The bread basket alone is enough reason to go. I love their pasta with dried tomatoes and chillis from Calabria, the risotto and tuna carpaccio are incredible. And leave room for their decadent and delicate selection of desserts. It has a funky and fun atmosphere and cool décor.

Osteria  Da Rosolo

Corte Campana, n.3., Lucca, 55100

Located in the heart of Lucca’s historic center. They serve refined traditional Lucchese dishes using fresh, local, and top-quality ingredients in a relaxed, yet elegant setting. I love the penne Bolognese, lasagna and grilled lamb chops.

Trattoria da Giulio

Via delle Conce, 45, 55100 Lucca LU, Italy

Fresh, tasty, local Tuscan food made for “locals”. Not touristy at all. I love the brick chicken and Tuscan salad. They also have a delicious ragu and gnocchi.


Via Francesco Carrara 18, 55100, Lucca Italy

If you have had enough of Italian food and are craving the have a wonderful Japanese chef. The assorted boat is great value for money.

Il Borghetto del Castello

Via di Poggio Seconda 3205 Corner Via di Nozzano, 55100, Lucca Italy

This might be my favorite restaurant in Lucca. Just down the street from my home, it feels like an extension of my kitchen. The owners are 2 brothers Massimiliano and chef Luca. I have yet to try anything I didn’t love. Great steak, fish, pasta, pizzas, appetizers. And their complimentary focaccia is insane. They only the best and freshest ingredients. Make sure to book a table. Massimiliano is a friend. Tell him I sent you. And leave room for their apple pie. It’s sublime.

Civico 797 Lucca     

Viale Europa 797, 55100, Lucca Italy

It is in  amall just outside the walls but well worth the trip if you are craving good fish and pasta.

Ristorante San Colombano

Rampa Baluardo San Colombano Mura Urbane, 55100, Lucca Italy

Located on Lucca’s wall it has a great view and atmosphere. It is perfect to stop for a coffee on your morning walk. They have an extensive list of cocktails if you want to stop for an afternoon aperitivo.

Mercantino di Pesce

 Viale Giacomo Puccini 1534 S. Anna, 55100, Lucca Italy

This is a fish market just outside the walls that bring in local fish every morning. It is run by Roberta and she makes the most incredible assortment of seafood-based salads. You can order a plate with an choice of 5 and their pasta is amazing. It is packed at lunch with locals. But it doesn’t open for dinner.

da felice

Via Buia 12, 55100, Lucca Italy

100 years, Pizzeria “Da Felice” bakes their own goodness in the historic center, a few steps from the church of S. Michele in Foro. It is the best place to grab a to-go slice of pizza while wandering around Lucca.

Bar Lippi

Piazza Napoleone 13, 55100, Lucca Italy

It sits alongside the courtyard that is home to the Lucca summer festival. If you are craving a great tuna salad or pizza that you can enjoy while good pizza , inside walls.

Santa Christina

Piazza XX Settembre N°2, 55100, Lucca Italy

This amazing wine bar is one of my favorite spots for a giant salad with tuna, salmon, or quinoa. They also have one of the best; lasagnas I have ever eaten and their selection of cheeses and antipasti are incredible. It is also a great place to go if you want something other than Italian food. But be sure to call ahead and check they are open. They have very odd hours.


Viale San Concordio 1311, 55100, Lucca Italy

This is a fun spot to go with a crowd. They sell pizza by the meter and it is placed in the center of the table so you can taste a bit of everything. It has a fun atmosphere too. I visited with friends who explain some of the crazy names they gave their pizzas. If you can get your waiter to translate you will have a good laugh.

bucca san antonio 

Via della Cervia, 3, 55100 Lucca LU, Italy

This is owned by Michelin Chef Giuliano Pacini. Every morning 6 Italian nonas make fresh homemade pasta for their guests. The staff is super friendly and the chef will sometimes give you a tour of the kitchen. I love all the copper pots and pans hanging from the ceilings. I always order the lamb chops and leave room for deserts. The chef’s son owns Ristorante Giglio.


Via Fillungo 83, 55100, Lucca Italy

This is my favorite place to get ice cream and chocolate inside the walls. The desserts are made by a master chocolate maker. I love the little pistachio balls in the fridge in front. The pistachio ice cream is rolled into a ball. It is then dipped into pistachio chocolate and rolled in pistachio nuts. I don’t think I have ever made it out of the city without grabbing one.

Cermera Opera

Viale G. Luporini, 951 55100, 55100, Lucca Italy

This has been voted one of the best gelato stores in Italy. They have super cool flavors like pear chardonnay, Tumeric, pine nuts and honey, Ricotta cheese with figs and walnuts. I love the pistachio, dark chocolate, and hazelnut flavor.

Bonta Yoghurt

Viale G. Puccini 187, 55100, Lucca Italy

This is owned by the same company that owns Ristori (inside Lucca’s walls). And as far as I am concerned this is the best ice cream in Lucca. It is not too sweet and you can taste the quality ingredients. I love the pistachio and all the fruity sorbets. And if you are looking for frozen yogurt you can find it here. Their cakes and pastries are amazing and I often stop by and pick up dessert here for family celebrations.

Gelateria Paniko

Via San Girolamo 28, 55100, Lucca Italy

If you are looking for an amazing gelato store with unusual flavors in the walled city head here. I am addicted to their coffee flavor. But you can taste the quality seasonal ingredients. A must-try.

Pasticceria Buralli

Viale Europa 797, 55100, Lucca Italy

This place is just outside Lucca’s walls and it is my favorite place to grab a pastry and morning coffee or a quick and healthy lunch from their counter filled with a variety of fresh salads and roasted vegetables.

Osteria San Giorgio

Via San Giorgio 26, 55100, Lucca Italy

It is hard to see from the street. Instead, it is tucked into a little courtyard and serves excellent food and wine. It is a family-run restaurant and the gnocchi is some of the best I have ever eaten in Italy. And they have some creative appetizers and salads.

Antica Locanda di Sesto

Via Ludovica 1660, 55100, Lucca Italy

This is a Michelin star restaurant owned by my friend and chef Aurelio. It is a great place to order his famous Bistecca Florentine or the pasta that is made inside a cheese wheel. It is on the pricer side and you need a car but it is well worth the visit.

Il Ciancino

Sarzanese 2766, San Macario in Piano Italy

This is the restaurant attached to a butcher and it is the place to go if you are craving a good steak and potatoes. They bring you the meat so you can pick your steak and it’s big enough to share. It is not a fancy place but the food is good and it is always jam-packed with locals. Make sure to try the polplette (fried vegetable and potato appetizer) to start.  

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Food Netwok Chef, Melissa is dishing up delicious food and a once-in-a-lifetime experience for your soul.

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